Be Ready Enrichment Stories – Kevin

Real Stories. Real Lives.

NorthGate’s Be Ready Enrichment Services are designed to help individuals overcome barriers to success and take them from unemployment to employment and meaningful lifelong careers. Through these services, employees develop skill sets to position them for personal and professional growth. From Dream Coaches to financial planning, employees receive the training, support and after-hire tools needed to help them succeed.

Kevin shares his story of overcoming challenges in our ongoing series of employee impact stories.

Kevin’s Story

Kevin had been with NorthGate for around two years. He was happy with the work, but had run into issues with reliable public transportation. Clocking in late was becoming a growing concern. Kevin said, “I prayed to God for help and he answered my prayers through NorthGate.”

Kevin explained his problem to his Dream Coach and, together, they began to go through the process to see if he could qualify for transportation assistance. He qualified and was able to secure a used reliable vehicle.

“Now I can make it to work on time and also get to my doctor’s appointments and other things. That never could have happened before. I’ve worked at a lot of jobs but I’ve never worked at a place like this. When I finally purchased my car, we took a photo and I almost had tears in my eyes. I was just so happy. I thank God for making a miracle happen through NorthGate. He made a way,” Kevin explained.

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