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Custom Packaging Solutions

NorthGate Packaging Solutions start with a custom design that is centered around your product and your needs. Our customers value NorthGate as their provider of ready-to-go set up packaging solutions, engineered on a foundation of decades of packaging expertise and proven results.

A leading product in the NorthGate portfolio is the Gumwrapper™ Packaging System. Originally engineered for shipping automotive sheet metal replacement parts, the Gumwrapper™ System can be utilized for a variety of products.


Proven Advantages

Cost Reduction

Because the container arrives to your facility completely set-up and ready to load, you will package parts more quickly, with less labor, and at lower cost.

Increased Productivity

With NorthGate Packaging, you receive your cartons set up and ready to go with all protective internal dunnage in place. Your team will only need one person to place product into the carton and close the door, allowing for increased productivity and minimal labor requirements.

Maintain Part Quality

Our packaging solutions have proven themselves over 27 years to significantly reduce part damage versus traditional packaging.

Satisfy Your Customers

Your end customers or dealers love our product. They simply open the Velcro® closure and remove the product—much simpler and safer than cutting bands and disassembling complicated packaging systems.

Improve Safety and Ergonomics

Reduce risk of injury through minimal product movements and reduced hand operations. No more folding, bending or stapling!

Reduce Inventory

Receive all of your packaging materials just-in-time, completely set up and ready to use. No need to store and manage all those packaging components!

Ease of Inspection

Our Velcro® closure system lets you inspect the contents of a container quickly and easily throughout the entire distribution cycle. No more breaking open one-time-use packaging to inspect your product!

Protect the Environment

NorthGate Custom Packaging Designs prioritize the use of recyclable corrugated dunnage and minimize the use of foam inserts. This approach reduces disposal costs and supports the environment.


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