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Supply Chain Services


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Partnering with NorthGate means you can focus on what you do best!  We provide you with the value-added solutions you need.  With tens of thousands of pieces of inventory and SKUs moving through our facilities every week, our experience and expertise in Supply Chain Services is a key piece of the NorthGate Advantage.


Sequencing, Kitting and Sub-Assembly

Let us speed up your assembly or fulfillment process through a variety of methods. In sequencing, we will deliver your material just in time in the proper sequence needed.  In kitting, we will receive raw materials and combine unique items that need to arrive together.  In sub-assembly,  we complete the assembly process for parts that are inefficient to assemble at your location.

Order Fulfillment

We pull orders in real time from your order-writing system; your orders can be received, processed and shipped within the same day.

Inspection and Validation

At NorthGate, every problem report gets the same 100% inspection. Claims can include damaged or defective material, shorted quantities, incorrect part numbers or non-compliant packaging.

Material Returns Management and Reverse Logistics

We know there are many reasons for part returns, which can present a difficult challenge to warehouse operations. Through the Northgate Warehouse Management System (WMS), we offer complete management of your returned materials including inbound and outbound.

Packaging, Rework and Labeling

We ensure your products enter or re-enter the supply chain in the condition, packaging, and label format you require.   Our packaging process includes: stocking many styles and sizes of corrugated containers, internal dunnage (void-fill), labeling, bar coding, heat sealing in poly bags, stapling, stretch wrapping and pallet handling.

Asset Recovery

We evaluate parts and reclaim salvageable assets prior to scrapping, ensuring any remaining value to you is preserved.

Complex Sorting of Parts

We will work with you to develop a custom sort of your product based on your specified criteria and part attributes.

Customer Call Center

Let us provide you with problem resolution and excellent nationwide customer service. We currently support calls from over 3,000 customer locations.

Custom Technology

Hundreds of thousands of parts and SKUs to manage? No problem. With the NorthGate Warehouse Management System, we know the location of every item and can create customized programming to meet your needs.


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