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A supplier of value-added packaging material from day one, Jack’s core values earned his company a reputation as a trusted supplier to General Motors and others in the Flint, Michigan area. Innovation took center stage on many occasions including when Jack introduced the Gumwrapper® Packaging System in 1992. This revolutionary packaging system was created in response to our clients’ need to reduce costs and improve the packaging process. Since its inception, use of the Gumwrapper® has resulted in tremendous savings for our clients.

Over the past thirty-five years, our innovations have gone far beyond packaging. We have developed expertise in warehousing, web-based inventory management, and transportation management. When one of our largest clients needed a complete reverse logistics system for their thousands of individual dealers, we implemented a customized program in just 30 days. Our commitment to Jack’s core principles has led our natural evolution from packaging to a full-service logistics management company.


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