Be Ready Enrichment Stories – Phyllis

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NorthGate’s Be Ready Enrichment Services are designed to help individuals overcome barriers to success and take them from unemployment to employment and meaningful lifelong careers. Through these services, employees develop skill sets to position them for personal and professional growth. From Dream Coaches to financial planning, employees receive the training, support and after-hire tools needed to help them succeed.

Phyllis shares her story of personal achievement in our ongoing series of employee impact stories.

Phyllis’s Story

Phyllis applied at NorthGate having not worked in nearly 20 years. She was nervous about whether she would even be considered for employment, and was in shock when the NorthGate recruiter called to tell her she got the job.

Phyllis looked forward to her two weeks of training at the NorthGate Enrichment Center and has been ready to learn since day one. Even with her enthusiasm and commitment to her new job, Phyllis had some barriers that could easily have impeded her success. During the first weeks of training, she was introduced to NorthGate Employee Assistance Coordinator, Ms. Kim.

“Ms. Kim is awesome! She helped me with bus passes soon after I started here,” Phyllis explained. “Later, I heard about a transportation assistance program for used vehicles. I met with my Dream Coach, Ana, to talk about the program and see if I would qualify. I just recently heard that I did and I’m so grateful to start the process.”

“During another Dream Coach meeting, I shared about some legal issues and Ana gave me the phone number to call Legal Services of Eastern Michigan right then, and we began working on getting the issue solved,” Phyllis added. “I have never been on a job where there is so much offered to you. I got help with transportation and legal issues and then I sit in the break room and hear stories about how NorthGate helped connect people with housing assistance and I think ‘What job can you find that offers that sort of help?’”

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