50% Increase in Volume Proves Challenging but Achievable for NorthGate

NorthGate recently had a client with a big problem, and a bigger question: Could we handle an additional forty on-demand shipments daily? That’s an increase of 60,000 pieces of time-sensitive material; a 50% increase in volume. They said that the increase would last eight weeks but that they needed an answer in three days. For our response, The NorthGate team rolled up its sleeves and did what we do for all our clients – Whatever It Takes.

The team rallied to build-out the processes and logistics such an ask entails and created new production and shipping schedules, acquired the trailer retention space necessary, established rack availability support, developed a daily alert and awareness system, increased production, and hired 175 additional staff within two weeks – All to respond to our customer’s unique predicament.

Challenging? Yes. But with our mantra to guide us, NorthGate proved once again that our commitment to our customer is paramount to the success of our business and theirs. And that’s how NorthGate can claim with confidence that when it comes to fulfilling the needs of our clients, we do Whatever It Takes.