Mission & Mantra


Our Mission

Our mission at NorthGate is to Bless People, Be Prosperous, and Be the Best. We see each facet of our mission as interdependent and equally important.

Bless People: We know our people are our most valuable assets, and we work hard for them just as they work hard for us. Find out more about our commitment to Bless People through our Be Ready Enrichment Services and the NorthGate Enrichment Center.

Be Prosperous: Through our Packaging Solutions and Supply Chain Services, NorthGate seeks to make a true difference in our community. NorthGate’s commitment to being prosperous is directly correlated to our customer service and to the level of community impact we can provide.

Be the Best: We are dedicated to providing our customers with best in class service and product. We execute this mission through our strategic methods. 

Our Mantra

“At work or at play, my best advice is to ‘Be Ready!’” Jack Goggins, Company Founder

Our Creed at NorthGate is to Be Ready for new opportunities, better ideas, improved processes and shared success.

Customer Focused. Team Player.
Reliable. Respectful.

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